Matt Van Horn
I proposed to Lauren live on Qik via Foursquare check-in which went to Twitter & Facebook!


I told Lauren I was in New Orleans this weekend and I faked flying there and slept at the apartment of @hestonl Friday night.  So she had no idea I was in town to propose on Saturday.

Then I had @afox lure Lauren to our favorite spot overlooking the whole city, Bernal Hill.  Amy told Lauren that she was meeting a dog owner to look at a dog she might want to adopt.  Waiting at the top of the hill I was hiding behind some rocks waiting to pop-out and get on one knee.

Digital geekiness


So I had @hutchins hiding with me behind the rock with his iPhone live streaming the proposal and he also had a camera taking photos.  I had sent out the link 30 minutes earlier to both our families, so they were watching live.  

Once I got the signal that she was there, I checked into Bernal Heights Park via Foursquare which shouted the URL to the live stream on Qik, which automatically synced to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  I knew Lauren received my tweets via text message on her phone, so I asked her to turn around as I proposed!

Also @ubercab was waiting for us with a Mercedes town car that took us around the whole night!  He took us home to drop things off, then we headed to Fisherman’s Wharf where we ate crab for dinner.

I am so happy and so lucky.  Thank you everyone who helped! I LOVE YOU LAUREN




You can watch the video that went out live of me proposing, below:

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