Matt Van Horn
Thank you, Path.

When Dave told me he had left Facebook to start Path, I was eager to learn more.

I had been considering starting another company back in 2010, but Dave said to me, “Come join Path, let’s build a great company now and I’ll support your next venture.”

As soon as I heard the early vision, I knew that joining would be in my life’s path.

I joined a few months before we launched Path 1 in Shawn Fanning’s apartment. Path has been my true labor of love for the last 3 years and 3 months. I will always be a passionate user, adviser and advocate/evangelist for the company. I feel so lucky to have been able to serve under Dave and Dustin and accomplish all that we have so far. The future is bright for Path.

All good things must end, to allow for new beginnings. Today I am announcing that I am leaving Path with my good friend Nikhil Bhogal. We are venturing off to start a new company.

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